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    • Lecturer
    • Timothy Wertz
    What opportunities for industrial placement exist for MCS majors?

    Two good friends of mine own a video-game company in Singapore, and I arranged for one of our MCS students to intern there briefly in December 2015. I also have close ties to the Strategy Group (strategic planning, futures, intra-government coordination) under the Prime Minister’s Office, and I’ve put interested students in touch with them in the past.

    • Assistant Professor
    • Dave Smith
    Why come to Yale-NUS College to study MCS?

    Yale-NUS provides students opportunities to study MCS within a broader Liberal Arts education. This means that our students are free to follow their passions, and bring diverse perspectives to their study of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics. Do you want to draw on your artistic flair to improve user interface design? No problem! Are you interested in studying applications of Mathematics to Economics, or Physical Sciences? Great! Would you like to learn about the statistical tools underpinning the Social Sciences? Then there’s a place for you at in MCS at Yale-NUS College. With small class sizes (typically under 15), and opportunities to work with a professor on side projects, you have a rare degree of access to the researchers working to advance their fields.

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    • Assistant Professor
    • Robby Tan
    What skills and experience can students expect to gain from undergraduate research in Compuer Science?

    Yale-NUS offers excellent opportunities for undergrad research: doing research develops analytical skills and requires the student to understand how a research project is conducted and how hypotheses are formulated. Leading or being part of a research project is also valuable in terms of soft skills (project management, presentation) and also gives strong expertise on specific topics. It is also easier to go to graduate school with a previous research experience. Whether aiming for further study or employment, it is essential for a Computer Scientist to have a portfolio of work to show, and undergraduate research is a great way to build your portfolio.

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