Our Modules

We offer modules on essential and higher topics across the spectrum of Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics and Data Science. There is no required course for MCS majors, but Proof is strongly encouraged. Proof & Intro to Computer Science are offered every semester.

Modules that can be counted towards the major:

  1. 1000 level:
    • YSC1212 Introduction to Computer Science
    • YSC1??? Data Analysis and Visualisation with R (DAVis)
  2. 2000 level:
    • YSC2213 Discrete Mathematics
    • YSC2205 Foundations of Applied Mathematics (Mathematical Methods for Physical Scientists)
    • YSC2??? Functional Programming and Proving
    • YSC2204 Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms
    • YSC2221 Introduction to Python (2 MC)
    • YSC2??? Linear Algebra
    • YSC2220 Linearity (2MC)
    • YSC2215 Nonlinearity (2MC)
    • YSC2209 Proof
    • YSC2??? Statistical Inference
    • Statistical Programming
  3. 3000 level:
    • YSC3203 Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures
    • YSC3218 Calculus on Manifolds
    • YSC3221 Computer Vision
    • YSC3226 Designing Interactive Systems
    • YSC3231 Geometry and the Development of Perspective
    • YSC3??? Introduction to Modern Algebra
    • Logic in Computer Science (2 MC)
    • YSC3206 One Real Variable
    • YSC3217 Operating Systems
    • YSC3230 Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
    • YSC??? Object Oriented Programming
    • YSC3227 Machine Learning
    • YSC3208 Programming Language Design and Implementation
    • YSC3216 Stochastic Processes and Models (SPaM)
    • Theory of Computation
  4. 4000 level:
    • YSC4206 Applied Harmonic Analysis
    • YSC4103 MCS Capstone Seminar
    • YSC4??? Complex Analysis
    • YSC4202 Galois Theory
    • Principles of Statistics
    • YSC4204 Monte Carlo Simulations in Science and Statistics (MoCaSinSS)
    • YSC4203 Topology

Also available is a 5MC Special topics module. This may be contribute towards the major, subject to approval from the Head of Studies. Students may complete at most one such module during their undergraduate studies.

We also offer several modules which cannot be counted towards an MCS major, but may be of interest:

  1. 1000 level:
    • YSC1211 Applied Calculus (2 MC)
    • YSC2215 Conceptual Calculus (2 MC)
  2. 2000 level:
    • YSC2219 Creative Problem Solving (2 MC) (CS/CU)


Students are also given the option of taking courses at NUS in order to further their interest in specific concentrations. Click here to see a list of recommended courses.