Study Abroad

Semester study abroad
There is no prescription on where you can take a semester abroad, or guarantee that modules from another institution will yield MCS major credit at Yale-NUS. If you are stuck for ideas of where to study, then you should look into some of the institutions listed below. A parenthetical (M) means that this institution is recommended for those interested in Mathematics, (C) for Computer Science, etc. You should discuss where you would like to go with your major advisor to come to a decision that is right for you, which may be different from any of the institutions listed below.
The following are institutions with whom CIPE has approved semester study abroad programmes.

  • (MC) University of British Columbia
  • (MC) Amherst
  • (MC) Wellesley College
  • (C) Yale University
  • (MC) University of Manchester
  • (MC) University College London
  • (MC) Trinity College Dublin
  • (MC) Aalto University
  • (MC) HKUST
  • (MC) Australian National University

Summer study abroad
It is also possible to arrange a summer study abroad programme, with support from CIPE.