MCS Seminar: Capstone introductory talks: Evan Asava Aree

7 March 2018 (Wed), 14:30-15:20
At Classroom 15 (East Core, south of the library)

Speaker: Evan Asava Aree

Title: Building and packaging a computational simulation model for secondary forests

Abstract: Secondary forests, which are forests that have regrown after a large-scale disturbance to the ecosystem, are an example of complex systems, where their characteristics are difficult to describe due to many interacting factors and relationships. Ecologists have built quantitative models to describe how secondary forests change over time, but there has been a lack of models that adequately quantify those changes on a larger scale, and the stochasticity associated with those changes. I will talk about my attempt at constructing a conceptual and algorithmic model to simulate the probabilistic colonisation and deaths of trees in secondary forests, describe the insights one can glean from the model, and how I am packaging it in the form of a web application for other ecologists to use.