MCS Seminar: Ken Kahn. Agent-based modelling: Is it an aid for understanding complex systems, a virtual laboratory for experimentation, a third way of doing science, or all three?

17 January 2018 (Wed), 14:30-15:20
At K Chanrai RC2-01-02

Abstract: By modelling individuals and their interactions with each other and the environment aggregate dynamics of complex systems emerges. While this methodology is at least fifty years old it has become widespread in recent decades in diverse fields. ABM is playing an major role in ecology, epidemiology, collective animal behaviour, sociology, political science, economics, traffic planning, emergency responses, and more..

In this talk I’ll introduce the big ideas, discuss the relationship of ABM with science (see the title), and demonstrate a variety of models. Computational tools for creating models, visualising their execution, and running simulation experiments will be presented.

About the speaker: : Ken Kahn received his doctorate from MIT in artificial intelligence. His research has covered AI, programming languages, educational software, and for the last twelve years agent-based modelling. He has supported ABM research and educational projects that include models of the Spanish Flu, cancer cells, dynamics of religious sects, small-scale farming and fishing, and medieval graveyards.